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  • Link credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts for easy tracking & splitting

  • Venmo integration for easy repayments

  • Automate recurring transaction splits in groups

  • Smart notifications remind you to get paid back

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Track your transactions

Link accounts

View categorized bank transactions across all of your accounts to simply tap and split. No more saving receipts and pulling up bank statements to manually add up joint expenses.

Default Splits

Catch those "sneaky" recurring charges for internet, energy, water etc. by setting them to be automatically added to a group with your roommate, partner, friends and family as soon as the charge hits your bank account.

Smart notifications

Never forget to split the bar tab you picked up with your friends again. Smart notifications remind you to split your joint expenses after you've spent.

How it works

Link your accounts

Link all your credit, checking, and savings accounts to stay on top of your transactions in one place.

CREATE groups

Create groups for people you share expenses with the most.

SET automatic payments

Automatically add recurring payments to groups (monthly rent and utilities, subscriptions, etc.).

TRACK Reimbursements

Let Ome track who owes you money for your past transactions. Sit back and never miss a repayment again!

Split Expenses

One-time splits

    • Scroll through transactions and tap to request a reimbursement from anyone.
    • Track all outstanding reimbursements.

Group Splits

    • Create groups with roommates, friends & family to quickly add transactions on the go.
    • Assign all relevant recurring transactions to the group so you no longer have to manually add them each month.
    • Settle up with the group at any time to see who owes who what.

Smart Notifications

Suggested splits

Ome will learn your spending patterns and know when you might have forgotten to split a bill.

Daily and weekly reminders

Set up notifications to receive daily or weekly summaries of your expenses.

transaction alerts

Get notified when friends add you to an expense, or an expense gets added to a group that you're in.

Everything you need

Base Features

Pro Features $5/mo

Your data is safe 🔒

Top-Tier partners

We partner with Plaid, an industry-leading security & privacy partner for linking bank accounts.

control of your data

Ome only sees your transaction history for accounts that you approve. We will never sell your data.

your data is secured

Your data is kept safe through:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Encryption Standard 
  • Transport Layer Security


"With Ome, I can assign all utility bills to my roommate group and then sit back and relax as Ome requests reimbursements for me!"
Chris S.
"Amazing app. Paid for itself with one smart notification."
Mike G.
"I'm always one to forget when I picked up the tab and need to be paid back. Ome is a game changer!"
Lindsay W.
"The last thing I want to do after a long trip is pull up my bank statement and manually type all my expenses to see who owes what. This app saved me so much time and effort!"
Lilly A.

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