Ome (pronounced “owe me”) is a smart assistant for your everyday split expenses.  Based in Denver, Colorado, Ome was created out of frustration with the current apps that enable us to track, split and request money for split expenses.

After a long trip, the last thing we wanted to do was pull up our bank accounts and manually enter our shared expenses into an app.  We thought “wouldn’t it be nice if we could pull up our transactions and simply tap to add?”  For this, we enabled linked bank accounts.

While living with roommates and significant others, we found that shared recurring bills for internet, subscriptions, utilities etc would always sneak by until a few months later.  Then you’d be forced to sit down and figure out exactly who owes you what.  For this, we created default splits so predetermined transactions will be automatically added to a group, notifying everyone involved.

Another issue we found with shared expenses was the mere tendency to forget when you covered the bill.  For this, we created smart notifications that will “nudge” you when a transaction seems like it should be shared.

With the sharing economy on the rise, it is increasingly common for people to not just share cars and houses, but expenses as well.  The Ome smart assistant will allow you to live your life without ever stressing about who owes what.