• Can I view my historical transactions?
    Yes! Ome provides 2 months of your historical transactions, including amounts, location, vendor and visualized with emojis 😉
  • Can I view my historical reimbursements?
    Yes! In your “Reimbursements” page you can view all reimbursements requested through Ome categorized by complete, incomplete and group.
  • Can I split an expense by percentages?
    Yes! You can choose to split transactions by dollar amount or percentage.
  • Why do recurring splits need to be set by percentages?
    We encourage splitting a recurring transaction by percentage so everyone pays their fair share no matter the transaction amount.
  • Can I split a bill with multiple friends outside of a group?
    Yes! you can select a transaction to split with as many people as possible without having to create a group.
  • How do I send money to another person to settle up?
    We integrate with Venmo and Paypal! We also have an option to mark a cash reimbursement.
  • How do I send money by PayPal or Venmo?
    After split amounts have been determined, simply select a user and then tap the Venmo or PayPal button to pull up the request or payment with the phone number, amount and subject pre-filled.
  • How do I confirm that I’ve received payment for a transaction?
    Ome will notify you if someone marks a reimbursement as complete. If done through Venmo or PayPal, you should receive notifications from them.
  • How do I connect Ome to my bank account?
    Simply log in to your bank institution and select which accounts you’d like to link. Your login info is never held by Ome and is encrypted end-to-end via Plaid, a third-party.
  • How do I connect Ome to my Venmo and PayPal account?
    You don’t need to! If you have the Venmo or PayPal app, Ome will open them for you when it’s time to request.
  • How do I reset my passwords?
    Go to your profile preferences to change your password.
  • How do I create a group?
    Go to groups and tap the “+” button to create a new group. Then choose a name, group members and save!
  • How do I delete a group?
    While you’re in a group page, tap the settings icon on the top right and then tap “Delete”.
  • Can I be added to an existing group?
    Yes! Groups can grow or shrink as time goes on without losing any reimbursement history or data.
  • How do I add a new person to a group?
    While you’re in a group page, tap the settings icon on the top right and then tap “Add new member”.